Dispatch & Delivery

Is there an additional charge for deliveries to Northern Ireland?

No. All delivery is included in the retail price including Northern Ireland.

Are deliveries possible outside of Ireland?

Not yet! Deliveries only within Ireland.

Flower Care

How do I maximise the vase-life of my flowers?

As soon as you receive your flowers, cut approximately 2cm off the end of each stem. Use a clean sharp scissors or secateurs to ensure a clean cut. It is an advantage to cut each stem at 45 degrees to ensure that the bloom is able to drink freely. Only use a clean vase, and dilute a teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of lemon in each litre of water. This will help feed the plant and prevent bacteria growing. Alternatively, mix half and half lemonade with water – the fizzy drink has more than enough sugar and preservatives to keep your flowers happy!

How long will the flowers last?

The cooler your room, the longer the flowers will last. Some may start to go off after one week, but others such as alstromeria and calla lilies will look great for up to three weeks.

How is it possible to have flowers all year around in Ireland?

We grow 75 acres of flowers, with large tunnels and heated glass. Years of studying how the Dutch do it has taught us all the tricks we need to know!

Can you make up special requests?

Yes of course. Just email us your query to info@elmgrovefarm.ie and we’ll do our best to get you sorted.