Our Turkeys

When you need to tell someone special your thinking of them, say it with a Turkey!

We believe that the best food is also the most sustainable.

We strive for this by rearing our birds outdoors on permanent pastures. This is a key part of what makes our turkeys special:

  • Outdoor rearing slows down the growth of the bird, ensuring that it develops fully with sufficient marbling of fat to maximise the succulence of the meat.

  • We believe that allowing the birds to roam freely outdoors maximises the welfare of the flock, enabling them to exercise their natural preferences for foraging.

  • The natural diversity that the flock is grazing daily in an old pasture also adds flavour and colour to the meat, so that you get a premium product.

  • The low intensity of the rearing system helps eliminate any requirement for antibiotics, doses or supplements.

  • Soya bean is a staple of poultry diets internationally, but the world’s insatiable demand for this cheap source of protein has fuelled deforestation and destruction of precious habitats in South America. We are working hard on eliminating any requirement for imported grains to be used in the turkey’s diet, to ensure that we are not putting unnecessary pressure on fragile eco-systems elsewhere in the world.

Our Turkeys

Our turkeys are reared the old-fashioned way on fertiliser-free pasture on our farm in Gormanston, Co Meath. The mixed vegetation grasied by our slow-growing Norfolk Blacks gives the birds a wonderfully varied diet complemented by our home-grown grain.

The flock is so healthy that we never need to use antibiotics or additives in their diet, ensuring you get a product that meets the highest standards in sustainability, welfare and flavour.

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Prices start at €59 for a 9-10lb bird that will feed approximately 10 people.

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